Organizational goals

Leadership is one of the main functions of business management. A leader is an individual who can bring out the best from his group members with the help of his personal ability. A leader influences the behavior of a group of individuals. To be a good manager a person must possess the characteristics of a leader. His goals should be to work for the development of the organization and it is he who shows the way. It is an inert quality and therefore a person must possess several good characteristics to be great leader. Leadership is a skill in itself and not everybody in spite of having such skill can implement itself for the purpose of the organization.

Leadership is a continuous unending process and it always involves the participation of his subordinates for the functioning of the organization. A leader has a good personality and there are several other personal qualities that are present in great leaders. All our past great leaders have been gifted with these qualities and thus their name and fame have crossed the barriers of their nation.
A good leader always tries to maintain a good relationship with his subordinates since it is with them the growth and development of an organization is made possible. He is self-confident and has full belief on his ability to maintain the stability of the organizational structure. He performs responsibly and each of his work provides a boost to the organization’s system.

However one aspect of leadership is that there are no leaders with same leadership style. Everyone wants to implement their own styles of leadership and thus it is not a one dimensional function of management. A good leader is always flexible and can take decisions considering the circumstances. Therefore it is essential that a management must give proper emphasis to bring up a new and good leader and to provide them with all the facilities for developing the organization.